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vBonsai -Video Tutorial at the Bottom!

A menacing looking vine grown on my phone from an algorithm I wrote for my next android app:
 Here is the same algorithm with branches, texture, and leaves!

I drew the leaves in Microsoft Paint, but the bark is real bark from a picture edited in Gimp for the shadow, seamlessness, and color(And you can't see if from here but the bark of that tree was covered in cicadas). Note the draw function knows when to 180 the shadow in the right direction so shadows aren't on the top of the branches.

Not all of the trees look this good. Many are scraggly or unbalanced. Meh, it's a work in progress!

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Got the gameplay mapped out.

You will grow your tree from a seed and care for it and shape it to your whim using real(virtually) bonsai techniques. Watering and feeding schedules will be determined based on seasons and whether or not the tree is in training(stress) and health, etc

Most recent emanation: 

Whew! The trimming algorithm was difficult!

...well not …