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Fate of the Furious Ending Scene

I was watching the ending scene where everyone is hanging out of the rooftop. As the camera pulled away from the actors I noticed something strange. The focal length of the camera was changed as the camera pulled away.

 I decided to figure out where that was.

I knew it was in New York City somewhere because of the establishing shots. After watching the sweeping shots in and out of the picnic scene and looking for visual clues, I found it:
767 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019

 It's the building wherein resides Sonny's Groceries.

I wish I would have captured some images from the DVD but the library wanted it back. Before that, however, I matched up my view from Google Earth to fit the frame as best matches it in the movie. 
You will have to watch it yourself to see how well I did.
The whole city is a CG model and that rooftop is a fiction. Also, the tall building behind the one in the scene was made much shorter or removed altogether so the twin Clinton Manor buildings behind coul…


Again I awoke feeling good. My mind touched upon a bright new day. So filled with promise, accomplishment, and growth! Ideas of what I would do filled my mind. I began to remember things I’d told myself to remember from the night before. I had bedded down early so I would wake up early. Sleep fog ebbed as enthusiasm mounted. And then I opened my eyes.

The sun had not yet risen and the world, still. A dark figure loomed just outside the room. I hadn’t expected this. I hadn’t planned for this. I regarded him knowing he was my opponent for the day. I reacted in no way externally but my prior enthusiasm shriveled almost to nothing.

His form was imperceptable but it was clear he was distorted and abnormal. He didn’t move. Instinctively I knew if he did, it would be menacing and bizarre. He filled the doorway, blocking my escape. Blocking everything. My goals and desires all but forgotten having only a tenuous connection to my consciousness.

I steeled myself for what was about to happen. De…


When dealing with anxiety, you must examine it to know from whence it originates. I have 3 levels or types of anxiety I recognize- decision anxiety, performance anxiety, life anxiety. Each has its own causes and tactics for dealing with them.
Decision Anxiety When I am faced with a decision and don’t know what to do, I feel anxious about making the right decision. Anxiety about forgetting things and losing things fits into this type as well. The intensity of the anxiety can be illustrated by this formula:
Importance x Uncertainty = Anxiety

The more important something is and/or the more uncertain I am about it amplifies my anxiety. No one can have all the knowledge in the universe to make an informed decision about anything. Even the best-laid plans can be derailed by the smallest thing. I know I try to make the best decision I can at the time given the information I have at hand and I allow myself to make mistakes.

When someone makes a big deal about my mistakes, I limit my contact with…

Click Bait Using Logan Paul's Name and Face

It's not really clickbait since I am commenting on him. I want you to look long and hard into his face and think about what you see. Before the trending tile on my tablet directed the browser to his apology video, I had never read or heard his name. I watched a few seconds of it and didn't see anything of value to me. As in, I was bored.
My first impression told me he had a weird looking long face and his hair was stupid.  I know that is shallow and of no consequence so I gave it not another thought. 
Over the next few weeks, more an more things about him touched my consciousness and I watched a video made by a former friend of his. Later, I was shocked to learn he earned a million dollars a month making outrageous videos popular with preteens.
I didn't watch any of his videos and still haven't. This is my opinion- he's nothing; empty. He gettin pizzaid to be nothing.