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I don't tend to buy anything I can't develop on. That means I don't see myself buying any Apple, Sony, or Nintendo products in the near future. It may be a strange justification but my purchase of the Ouya was two fold in that I can play it and program for it.

I've been playing with it for a week or two and I like it quite a bit. Naturally there are things that are wrong with it and things that are right. I don't want to rehash the things that others are whining about much so I won't.

The only problem I have had with it as a player is when I'm playing the Nintendo 64 emulator and playing Mario 64. The analog stick doesn't always register in the center so Mario tends to do that tiptoe thing like the stick is off center a tiny bit. That's about it. I think that is a hardware problem and not the emulator developer's fault. I've mitigated that a little bit by calibrating that stick slightly off center in the direction Mario try's to walk. Th…