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Fate of the Furious Ending Scene

I was watching the ending scene where everyone is hanging out of the rooftop. As the camera pulled away from the actors I noticed something strange. The focal length of the camera was changed as the camera pulled away.

 I decided to figure out where that was.

I knew it was in New York City somewhere because of the establishing shots. After watching the sweeping shots in and out of the picnic scene and looking for visual clues, I found it:
767 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019

 It's the building wherein resides Sonny's Groceries.

I wish I would have captured some images from the DVD but the library wanted it back. Before that, however, I matched up my view from Google Earth to fit the frame as best matches it in the movie. 
You will have to watch it yourself to see how well I did.
The whole city is a CG model and that rooftop is a fiction. Also, the tall building behind the one in the scene was made much shorter or removed altogether so the twin Clinton Manor buildings behind coul…