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Sup*r M*troid(Update 17Oct13) New in Blue

Image a cool game! And is the inspiration for my next android game project. I don't have pictures yet but the code has been started. I believe the genre is called Metroidvania.

Many Android platformers don't feel right when you play them like the little dude isn't moving fast enough or there is something wrong with the gravity. I have not found one game yet that the character is nice and spry and is a joy just making him move around. This is the starting focus of this game- making it fun to move the character around responsive and quick.

I'm borrowing elements from the Metroid series and Cave Story. I have yet to play even one Castlevania game so I don't know if there will be any of that in there.

Naturally a game like this must have a huge area to explore and this one will.

That's all for now. 

Here is the main character (before and after DNA enhancement)

And here is one of the armor suits:
At last, actual coding has begun! I can't wait to see my little dude …

Black Forest Fire in Colorado

This fire is about 10 miles from my house.

I just included this picture I took today because it's almost 100 degrees, the state is on fire and this poor dude is dressed like an ice cream cone though I'm sure he doesn't feel like one.


06/03/13 SEARS.COM 9301 HOFFMAN ESTAT IL 1 1983 $199.27        
06/03/13 SEARS.COM 9301 HOFFMAN ESTAT IL 1 1983 $139.34        
06/03/13 SEARS.COM 9300 WEST DES MOIN IA 1 1983 $79.46     

I woke up to these charges on my account and they are not mine. Over 400 bones have been swiped from my account! Naturally my bank will take care of it but I really liked the credit card number.