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Some Mornings I Just Don't Feel Like Slaying Dragons.

I read that on a bumper sticker the other day and the last three days have been awful days. I had to drive 70 miles an hour on Platte to keep up with that dude to snap this picture(the sticker in question is the one closest to me):
Brace yourself because I think this post is mostly just a bunch of pictures. Here you see an axe head that broke in half when I was splitting wood for a client. You can see the piece that broke off laying there in the sun:
While working in the back yard the day before yesterday, I heard a strange noise. Looking over the fence I discovered that I was an auditory witness of a car accident so I jumped the fence and walked over there to find out some stuff:
The chic was driving when her husband told her he wanted a divorce so she swerved wildly and took out this light pole which I didn't even know was on that corner:
Tonight, I finished a commission gig for a dentist in Florida. She will be using cheap android tablets as status boards. So if you are in Exam…

Scatological Palette Sensation is Often Indicative of the Presence of Corn and Peanuts.

Move along- nothing to see here.

Marital Bliss

"You can't drive around with a black widow spider behind your seat." She said, her face incredulous. And then she added, "Its irresponsible." That's how my day began today. She told me she wasn't leaving for work until I killed the spider. And she had the gall to tell me how to kill the spider.

I did what any trained monkey would do- what I was told. And then I passively aggressively blogged about it. I'm really not a thrill seeker and I really was only allowing the spider to go on in there because it's interesting. Right now, I think my van has about 20 spiders in it. Sometimes I get in my van and a spider hangs on its web from the headliner right in my face. Legs all splayed out- I just grab it by the thread it's hanging from and drop it out the window. So when I saw the black widow, I filmed it and made the mistake of telling my wife about it. That sealed its fate.

Good thing she doesn't know about the two brown recluses and the hobo sp…

Spending is Better than Mending!

A slight misquote of Huxley created by adding the first two letters in the post title came to mind as I sewed up a large tear in the shorts I am wearing today. It really was a waste of time as the shorts have many many holes on them which will eventually cause them to be recycled as firewood. Just in time for the cool of fall! It took about 20 minutes to sew them up and in that time I could have earned four times the amount needed to buy another pair.

The inefficient use of my time has a hidden value(aside from having something to blog about) What is it, Richard?! I can't freaking wait for the answer! A therapeutic respite from the hubbub of constant multitasking AND I did it in silence without a DVD or YouTube video or music or talk radio assaulting my mind! My phone has 2 Hotmail accounts, a Gmail account, a Google Talk account, Facebook, Twitter, texting, it tells me when volcanoes blow up and when earthquakes happen AND it's a fricking phone too! I do FAR more on my comput…

Headless iMac Adventure

A Skunk, a Quesadilla, and a Day Off.


I think I have 200 accounts scattered all over the internet including 10 or so forums, 3 facebook accounts, a twitter account, google plus account, like 10 emails, 50 places I have ordered from- on and on! Why not add a sqeeqee account?

I am not going to say that I am too lazy(as it is en vogue to say so) to check it out because I am not. I just have other priorities. Such as writing about something I am not going to research and know nothing about. Now THAT is important!

That being said, I know mostly nothing about What I do know is that it is yet another social network that seems to be an amalgam of facebooklike features and ebaylike features and several others I am unaware of. I found it as the result of my marketing efforts for FlaTank and joined up. The appeal that it has for me is that it is still in beta testing. I am still seeing php errors in the ranking box sometimes and the claim to be 99% error free at this point.

Usually stuff like this escapes me until it is…

$100(New Text in Green)