The beginning.

The purpose of this blog is two fold. I get to scratch the itch I have for writing since I really enjoy my own writing. Hey, who doesn't right? But what is more important is that I have yet another source on the internet that points to my android game FlaTank.

I had started writing articles for an article directory, but one of them was rejected on the grounds that the link(to didn't have information relevant to the article I wrote. Now, I want to promote my game but I don't want to just write about android subjects and they seemed to be putting me into that box.

So now I strike out on my own and those of you that actually know me know that I know some stuff about a bunch of stuff. So this blog is all about me, my experiences, my opinions, and my knowledge. Arrogant I know to assume I have something to say to the reader, but I believe I do.

Maybe I'll learn something.


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