I'm not doing that.

Today, I was going to put up a fence and weed wack a yard and now extenuating circumstances have forced me to take the lazy route. I have been struggling with laziness for a few days now and although I don't want to succumb to its influence, I am going to.

Now when I refer to laziness I usually mean "the desire to not do stuff you should be doing" which is actually the meaning of irresponsible. Although I can't do those things I don't want to do, I have every intention of being industrious anyways. If I look at it closely, I can see my mislabeling it laziness makes me think I'm doing better in laziness because my laziness is actually industrious. Its a lie to help alleviate the guilt I feel for not doing this thing I don't want to do! And that thing I don't want to do is leave the house!

Ok so I don't want to leave the house and I feel guilty about it and I don't have to because it's raining outside!
And it looks like those trees are blocking my path!


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