Marital Bliss

"You can't drive around with a black widow spider behind your seat." She said, her face incredulous. And then she added, "Its irresponsible." That's how my day began today. She told me she wasn't leaving for work until I killed the spider. And she had the gall to tell me how to kill the spider.

I did what any trained monkey would do- what I was told. And then I passively aggressively blogged about it. I'm really not a thrill seeker and I really was only allowing the spider to go on in there because it's interesting. Right now, I think my van has about 20 spiders in it. Sometimes I get in my van and a spider hangs on its web from the headliner right in my face. Legs all splayed out- I just grab it by the thread it's hanging from and drop it out the window. So when I saw the black widow, I filmed it and made the mistake of telling my wife about it. That sealed its fate.

Good thing she doesn't know about the two brown recluses and the hobo spider!


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