I think I have 200 accounts scattered all over the internet including 10 or so forums, 3 facebook accounts, a twitter account, google plus account, like 10 emails, 50 places I have ordered from- on and on! Why not add a sqeeqee account?

I am not going to say that I am too lazy(as it is en vogue to say so) to check it out because I am not. I just have other priorities. Such as writing about something I am not going to research and know nothing about. Now THAT is important!

That being said, I know mostly nothing about Sqeeqee.com. What I do know is that it is yet another social network that seems to be an amalgam of facebooklike features and ebaylike features and several others I am unaware of. I found it as the result of my marketing efforts for FlaTank and joined up. The appeal that it has for me is that it is still in beta testing. I am still seeing php errors in the ranking box sometimes and the claim to be 99% error free at this point.

Usually stuff like this escapes me until it is commonplace and people say to me, "What? You don't know about <insert old news here>?!" Not this time. In fact, FlaTank is the third app on that website and I am not sure that the other ones are real. Fruit Ninja is on there, but it is under a person's name not under Halfbrick Studio as it is on Google Play. This leads me to believe that it is just being staged there for testing only. So, I got in on the ground floor on this one. I hope it goes somewhere. Check it out.


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  2. Have u seen sqeeqee lately? They were late coming out of beta but they're out now. Some pretty unique stuff. I think they are going somewhere. Check it out.


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