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For a project I'm working on, I'm learning Lua and I need to strengthen my Linux fu. The "Hello World" that I use for new languages is a count to a million. I use this because I have to have an output and a loop and it shows the speed of the language. In this case, I also included os.clock() which returns the time in seconds since the script started. Here is the script:

for n=1,1000000 do


I named it script.lua in Windows you just double click it(assuming you have Lua already installed)

It opens in what looks like a command prompt, after the script is done the window shuts immediately so you don't have time to read all the magical numbers. I added another loop and variable to keep it on the screen long enough for me to ogle it. That looks like this:

for o=1,10000000 do

In Linux it's a bit more complicated to run it. You type this into a terminal:

 lua -i script.lua

and it runs right in the terminal. I didn&#…

Genetics O My Meat!

i2b1 is now called I2a2a so this guy says.

Here in this chart, you can see I'm 7% Viking! Yeah! Where is my warhammer!?


I have 'written' my first html5 game using assets from Hail of Gunfire. I will release it in the wild once I figure out how monetize it! Yeah! Keep checking back!

I'm pretty sure I will host it on

Here's a promo graphic for it:
It almost seems like the guncar is running away from all the little dudes and the rocket!

Ignore these pictures: