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Flatank Prime Now Free!

Just like FlaTank Prime but free! GO GET IT!

On Google Play

I'm giving away my password.

Leading up to big moment of password disclosure with a sentence like this has a purpose beyond what it appears to be- namely to garner suspense. The real reason for this wind up will be made known shortly as these first two sentences are merely filler like one would use in high school when told to write a 500 word essay. This is difficult when you only have a paragraph of substance. That's not why I am doing it, either.

I just didn't want a preview to show I was not giving away my whole password or even telling you which on on the source page was mine. This the google plus preview(or search engine preview) of this post doesn't see the misleading nature of the title. The first few words might have caused you not to click on the post.

Anywho, part of my password is one of these posts:

I think I put this in the draft for my own purposes: