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I don't tend to buy anything I can't develop on. That means I don't see myself buying any Apple, Sony, or Nintendo products in the near future. It may be a strange justification but my purchase of the Ouya was two fold in that I can play it and program for it.

I've been playing with it for a week or two and I like it quite a bit. Naturally there are things that are wrong with it and things that are right. I don't want to rehash the things that others are whining about much so I won't.

The only problem I have had with it as a player is when I'm playing the Nintendo 64 emulator and playing Mario 64. The analog stick doesn't always register in the center so Mario tends to do that tiptoe thing like the stick is off center a tiny bit. That's about it. I think that is a hardware problem and not the emulator developer's fault. I've mitigated that a little bit by calibrating that stick slightly off center in the direction Mario try's to walk. Th…

Square Mile Update

Go look if you are interested.

19 Oct - storyline control mechinism

21 Oct - made the transition between a man and a suited man that is smoother and with a nice flash of light.

Tomorrow night - autozoom for boss battles. I may work on the first boss also.

Gah! My Laptop screen is cracked!

I got it that way from a client whose son got mad at it and punched it- It was spontaneously shutting down and he lost his temper.

My gain!

After removing the ten thousand screws that Toshiba used to hold that thing together, I took the motherboard out to the garage to spend some quality time with the air compressor. This time was used to remove the rug of shmegma that was jammed in the fins of the cpu cooler causing it to overheat.

On reassembly, I purposely omitted the reinstall of the screen and viola!
A headless laptop! Wee! See picture below!

Raspberry Pi

I got my Raspberry Pi last week. I ordered the clear case with it. It looks like this all put together:
Fortuitously, I had an 8 gig sd card laying around to put in it as it won't boot without one. I downloaded Wheezy Raspbian and installed it on the sd with Win32 Disk Imager.

I also had one of these laying around:
Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

It's nice because as you can see in the first picture, you only have 2 built in usb ports and that keyboard has a mousepad on it. I didn't want to have my Pi tethered to router with a cat5 cable so I must use a usb wifi dongle.

I plugged into my tv with an rca cable, powered it with one of my cellphone chargers, and booted it. After I logged in and started the x window server, I got this:

I was not impressed. It looked like a toy and the pixels were jittery. Even so I tried to get a usb wifi adapter working and failed. I gave up for the night and ordered an Edimax ew-7811un at my friend's suggestion because as he said, &…

Microsoft Works 7.0 Calender Data File

Years ago, on my wife's last computer, I installed Microsoft Works 7.0 specifically for the calender. It turned out to be the best one for her to use as it was nice and simple and would display a pop up for appointments. Outlook does this but it must be open where the Works calender with automatically run on boot to remind you to say.. pay your cellphone bill.

After several times of repairing her laptop using the easy bake method, we have begun to lose trust that that computer will continue to run. So the calender file had to be transferred over.

Between versions 7 and 8 Microsoft changed the way the appointments were saved from the mswkscal.wcd file to an .ics I believe. Anyways, finding how to transfer the appointments to a new computer was difficult.

The files are here:


Just grab that whole folder and put it in the same place on the new computer. Merely searching for the file mswkscal.wcd may yield nothing as that file is hidden. You will have to…

Hail of Gunfire: Marine

Hail of Gunfire - except with boats! Do not download if you don't like hard games. The upgrades will help you survive.

On Google Play


For a project I'm working on, I'm learning Lua and I need to strengthen my Linux fu. The "Hello World" that I use for new languages is a count to a million. I use this because I have to have an output and a loop and it shows the speed of the language. In this case, I also included os.clock() which returns the time in seconds since the script started. Here is the script:

for n=1,1000000 do


I named it script.lua in Windows you just double click it(assuming you have Lua already installed)

It opens in what looks like a command prompt, after the script is done the window shuts immediately so you don't have time to read all the magical numbers. I added another loop and variable to keep it on the screen long enough for me to ogle it. That looks like this:

for o=1,10000000 do

In Linux it's a bit more complicated to run it. You type this into a terminal:

 lua -i script.lua

and it runs right in the terminal. I didn&#…

Genetics O My Meat!

i2b1 is now called I2a2a so this guy says.

Here in this chart, you can see I'm 7% Viking! Yeah! Where is my warhammer!?


I have 'written' my first html5 game using assets from Hail of Gunfire. I will release it in the wild once I figure out how monetize it! Yeah! Keep checking back!

I'm pretty sure I will host it on

Here's a promo graphic for it:
It almost seems like the guncar is running away from all the little dudes and the rocket!

Ignore these pictures:

Sup*r M*troid(Update 17Oct13) New in Blue

Image a cool game! And is the inspiration for my next android game project. I don't have pictures yet but the code has been started. I believe the genre is called Metroidvania.

Many Android platformers don't feel right when you play them like the little dude isn't moving fast enough or there is something wrong with the gravity. I have not found one game yet that the character is nice and spry and is a joy just making him move around. This is the starting focus of this game- making it fun to move the character around responsive and quick.

I'm borrowing elements from the Metroid series and Cave Story. I have yet to play even one Castlevania game so I don't know if there will be any of that in there.

Naturally a game like this must have a huge area to explore and this one will.

That's all for now. 

Here is the main character (before and after DNA enhancement)

And here is one of the armor suits:
At last, actual coding has begun! I can't wait to see my little dude …

Black Forest Fire in Colorado

This fire is about 10 miles from my house.

I just included this picture I took today because it's almost 100 degrees, the state is on fire and this poor dude is dressed like an ice cream cone though I'm sure he doesn't feel like one.


06/03/13 SEARS.COM 9301 HOFFMAN ESTAT IL 1 1983 $199.27        
06/03/13 SEARS.COM 9301 HOFFMAN ESTAT IL 1 1983 $139.34        
06/03/13 SEARS.COM 9300 WEST DES MOIN IA 1 1983 $79.46     

I woke up to these charges on my account and they are not mine. Over 400 bones have been swiped from my account! Naturally my bank will take care of it but I really liked the credit card number.

AFV: Hail of Gunfire

Here's the announcement of my latest game. 138 levels of Shoot Em' Up mayhem!

On Google Play


After heavy coding this weekend, I have a good beginning on my next project which is in spirit a sequel to FlaTank. View this:  This game uses hardware acceleration and it is enjoyable to stream bullets and rockets out at a high rate of speed.

PC Rejuvenator

Computer repair in Colorado Springs-

I know the guy personally and he's cheaper than the other guys and seems to know what he's doing. He also can convert nerd or geek speak in English the rest of us can understand.

Flatank Prime Now Free!

Just like FlaTank Prime but free! GO GET IT!

On Google Play

I'm giving away my password.

Leading up to big moment of password disclosure with a sentence like this has a purpose beyond what it appears to be- namely to garner suspense. The real reason for this wind up will be made known shortly as these first two sentences are merely filler like one would use in high school when told to write a 500 word essay. This is difficult when you only have a paragraph of substance. That's not why I am doing it, either.

I just didn't want a preview to show I was not giving away my whole password or even telling you which on on the source page was mine. This the google plus preview(or search engine preview) of this post doesn't see the misleading nature of the title. The first few words might have caused you not to click on the post.

Anywho, part of my password is one of these posts:

I think I put this in the draft for my own purposes:

Next Project!

Below here is the original post about a project I have abandoned due to lack of skill and/or interest:Check out my new site!
Holy crap! I am very excited about my next project. There is nothing like it- the combination of two very popular genres. But, I'm not tellin what it is!


Because it may just be a knee jerk reaction to the idea and it may prove to be more than I am willing to do.


Because, I'm excited about it and no one is paying attention anyways! Hahahaha! It has something to do with SteamPunk.

Update 15feb:
 I'm not nearly as excited as before. I spent about a week studying the artform and then I had some dental work done which didn't go well. I've been practically incapacitated since then and that was about a week ago. All the Ibuprofen I was taking was making me sick.

I have a job I need to work on first and after I'll start flipping bits for the next game.