Raspberry Pi

I got my Raspberry Pi last week. I ordered the clear case with it. It looks like this all put together:
Fortuitously, I had an 8 gig sd card laying around to put in it as it won't boot without one. I downloaded Wheezy Raspbian and installed it on the sd with Win32 Disk Imager.

I also had one of these laying around:
Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

It's nice because as you can see in the first picture, you only have 2 built in usb ports and that keyboard has a mousepad on it. I didn't want to have my Pi tethered to router with a cat5 cable so I must use a usb wifi dongle.

I plugged into my tv with an rca cable, powered it with one of my cellphone chargers, and booted it. After I logged in and started the x window server, I got this:

I was not impressed. It looked like a toy and the pixels were jittery. Even so I tried to get a usb wifi adapter working and failed. I gave up for the night and ordered an Edimax ew-7811un at my friend's suggestion because as he said, "It must mean something when Linux is listed before Windows on the the box"

So when got the adapter I plugged my Pi into my monitor with an hdmi cable and it looked WAY better:
 This looked more like a real computer and the wifi worked right out of the box. Immediately I opened the Pi store, did the account riga ma roll, and downloaded Algoid as I know the developer from my other blog.

Here is what is cost me:
Pi $35
Case $7
wifi $10

I already had these:
SD card $7
Power Supply $0(came with one of my phones)$6 if you were to buy it
Keyboard $25

So it would be $90 if you had nothing and wanted it the way I got it.

I will post something else after I have done something cool
 with it.


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