Microsoft Works 7.0 Calender Data File

Years ago, on my wife's last computer, I installed Microsoft Works 7.0 specifically for the calender. It turned out to be the best one for her to use as it was nice and simple and would display a pop up for appointments. Outlook does this but it must be open where the Works calender with automatically run on boot to remind you to say.. pay your cellphone bill.

After several times of repairing her laptop using the easy bake method, we have begun to lose trust that that computer will continue to run. So the calender file had to be transferred over.

Between versions 7 and 8 Microsoft changed the way the appointments were saved from the mswkscal.wcd file to an .ics I believe. Anyways, finding how to transfer the appointments to a new computer was difficult.

The files are here:


Just grab that whole folder and put it in the same place on the new computer. Merely searching for the file mswkscal.wcd may yield nothing as that file is hidden. You will have to go into folder options
and tick Show hidden files, folders and drives.

In Windows 7, that option can be found on the View tab of the Folder and Search Options accessed by the Organize Button.

Make sure you change that setting back when you are done so the cat doesn't erase important files when he jumps on your keyboard.


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