Some Mornings I Just Don't Feel Like Slaying Dragons.

I read that on a bumper sticker the other day and the last three days have been awful days. I had to drive 70 miles an hour on Platte to keep up with that dude to snap this picture(the sticker in question is the one closest to me):
Brace yourself because I think this post is mostly just a bunch of pictures. Here you see an axe head that broke in half when I was splitting wood for a client. You can see the piece that broke off laying there in the sun:
While working in the back yard the day before yesterday, I heard a strange noise. Looking over the fence I discovered that I was an auditory witness of a car accident so I jumped the fence and walked over there to find out some stuff:
The chic was driving when her husband told her he wanted a divorce so she swerved wildly and took out this light pole which I didn't even know was on that corner:
Tonight, I finished a commission gig for a dentist in Florida. She will be using cheap android tablets as status boards. So if you are in Exam Room 1 with a patient, you hit the corresponding button and that button lights up on all the other devices on the network. Pretty spiffy! You can see it running on four different devices here:
Final design looks like this:
 Designed after this:

I took both of these pictures this morning. The first one shows a bird on a light. Note that the teardrop shape part of the light is roundabout 2 feet long so that bird is friggen large. He or she could carry a small child methinks. The second depicts a nastygram on a door where an eviction occurred.
I made it 41 years without ever being sting by a bee. Wednesday that long streak was broken and I partook of three bee stings- one is on my head above my eye. That one swelled up like Rocky Balboa. I took not a picture! I may be mildly allergic because I still feel dreadful. If I still look like ass in the morning, I may share photographic evidence on the morrow! Or not.


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