Spending is Better than Mending!

A slight misquote of Huxley created by adding the first two letters in the post title came to mind as I sewed up a large tear in the shorts I am wearing today. It really was a waste of time as the shorts have many many holes on them which will eventually cause them to be recycled as firewood. Just in time for the cool of fall! It took about 20 minutes to sew them up and in that time I could have earned four times the amount needed to buy another pair.

The inefficient use of my time has a hidden value(aside from having something to blog about) What is it, Richard?! I can't freaking wait for the answer! A therapeutic respite from the hubbub of constant multitasking AND I did it in silence without a DVD or YouTube video or music or talk radio assaulting my mind! My phone has 2 Hotmail accounts, a Gmail account, a Google Talk account, Facebook, Twitter, texting, it tells me when volcanoes blow up and when earthquakes happen AND it's a fricking phone too! I do FAR more on my computers. I have a computer in the bedroom, garage, van, office, and one I use in the bathtub and about 50 more of them laying around. I am getting agitated just thinking about it!

It is a nice break to pull some thread through some fabric in peace.


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