3d Printer Part 3

I was able to make the motor move by sweeping the wire across 4 leads manually. I wired up a decade counter to do it automatically and added a 16 output multiplexor to change the two binary outputs to four lines going to two NTE1825 motor drivers(these are meant to be used as H-bridges so don't tell anyone of my perverted use for them)

Stupid me- I forgot the 74ls154 outputs an inverted value so I have to invert every output which I did tying the 2 inputs of NAND gates(I have a buttload of these 74ls00 chips) together to make an inverter.

Sadly my multiplexor is not working right so I need to make a multiplexor from NAND gates. Here's what that would look like:

Yeah, I'm not doing that. From my swiggles one can see I will need 12 gates to get it done. That's 3 chips all wired up for a proof of concept experiment that is unneeded because I've already proven I can move the motor using the sequence I did. Bah, be gone with it!

Note to self:


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