3d Printer Part 18

view the hotend affixed to my printer:

As you can see the bowden extruder is mounted on the right side there with the guiding teflon tube which runs to the hotend. This setup lowers the amount of inertia the little X axis motor has to overcome. The hotend is mounted with an L shaped bracket on the ink cartridge carriage. I didn't even have to drill a hole! Weee! Also a smaller L bracket holds the cooling fan pointed at the hotend. I will have to come up with a little fan shroud to guide the air where I want it.

And now.. I must order some filament.

I hope I'm right when I think it's 3mm. I took the hotend totally apart and the hole through it is just about 1/8 inch which would be .125 inches(I have a reciprocal button on my calculator- bow before my button power! I kid- I had the fraction memorized). 3 millimeters is .1181 inches(this one I did use the calculator). That's only a 5% error! Ok enough numbers!

I'm going to order from the US this time so I don't have to wait 3 weeks. I still have on order a small Arduino Nano, a wifi for an Arduino, and a 3 axis accelerometer(oh and do I have nerdy plans for this beotch! Hint: it has something to do with interpretive dance! I am a pretty flower.)

 Filament, en rout. Gaze upon the magnificence:


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