3d Printer Part 10

I got my motors I paid $39.99 for

and have already tested them and determined their pinouts. That black thing on the breadboard is an H bridge motor controller and I don't currently know how to limit current on that kind of circuit so that puppy gets wicked hot powering the nema 17.

I also got my Arduino and my RAMPS shield.

I did a couple experiments and got the Arduino to drive the motor. I didn't make a movie because it would be redundant as I've already done the same thing a couple times with gate logic and now I've to done it programmatically. I have to say I found the Arduino IDE pleasant and easy to use and set up. I read about some people complaining about the non brand name Arduinos giving a problem because the serial chip is a cheap CH340G. Even the ebay seller sent me a message reminding me to download the drivers for it which I did. Windows 7 found and installed the drivers by itself. The IDE was able to communicate with it and install the firmware(Marlin). The printer interface software also was able to talk to the firmware just fine. It remains to be see if I will have a problem in the future and if I do then I'll pay the extra 3 bucks for a real Arduino Atmega 2560 and demote this one some future project.

I added some more wood to my frame today so it's starting to look like it will be able do something soon:

I found this scanner in my attic that is so old it has a parallel plug. I will be dismantling it gleefully:

So I have gotten the electronics and the motors. I have also ordered the heated bed for which I paid $7.49.

I have decided to go with a bowden style feeder(which is used in delta printers) so I ordered the printed parts and hardware for it for $7.50.

I'm watching a j-head and an extruder gear.

This is what my work space looks like right now and I thus far spent $83.61:


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