3d Printer Part 11

The lady from whom I purchased the motors did not get my note to her about wanting the gears for the motors so she didn't include them. I begged her to send them to me and she is going to send them.

I ordered this j-head with teflon tubing today for $21.99 and the gear I need for $1.33. With the motor I got for $8 and the printed parts for the extruder, my total for the bowden extruder/hot end setup is $38.82 which clearly beats getting this one w/no j head and this one including everything.

I'm going with the bowden setup because the motor/extruder combo can be mounted basically anywhere so the z axis motor and the y axis motor doesn't have to move the weight of the extruder. My plan in the future is to add a second extruder so saving the weight now makes sense. Cripe I'm proud of myself! My parents didn't have any kids that lived.

Today, I messed around more with the Pronterface which is.. wait for it.. a printer interface. I don't know why there is a freaking 'o' in there! Anywho! It was stalling because it couldn't find a thermister and I tricked it into going with a 100k resister. Also the motor would stop saying the endstop was triggered. I shorted that sucker out with a jumper! In business!

I probably won't do much on the frame until I get the gears from that motor chic for I am not certain if I'll need timing belt or not. I will know when I get the gears.

I made some pretty good headway. Too bad I don't have pictures or a movie today because it's cool. I'm stoked. The z motors were just buzzing regardless of how I adjusted the amperage. With some reading, I discovered I was trying to push the motors too fast. I have the z axis and x axis moving nicely. 


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