3d Printer Part 9

I broke out the drill press so I could make some precise holes in some scrap wood I have. I built a little bed on rails and connected it to the motor using a zip tie as a link. As you can see in the video my pinch roller wasn't pinching enough so it slipped. It occurred to me that whenever I'm building something, I'm always frantically searching for hardware. While I'm out gallivanting around on the morrow, I'll pick a bunch of nuts and bolts and I'll be able to make good brackets and stuff. That will rock.

I used the circuit from my last video to drive this motor but I eliminated one of nte1825's and bumped the voltage up to 12 volts on the remaining one. That made the motor strong enough to move the bed with a spool of solder on it. You view now:

I have some breadboards in route here from China so I can make some reusable modules for my experiments.


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