3d Printer Part 7

Welp, I ordered the Arduino Atmega 2560 which I got for $10.59 and the RAMPS shield with 5 motor drivers for $18.04. I will now wait as fast as I can until they get here from China.

I believe my plan for now is to make it work with crappy printer motors until I can upgrade them to NEMA 17s like the plans call for. I might order the heated bed today too.

The circuits I made above drive the motor at 5 volts which is not enough to run the motor at full power and speed, but I was being conservative as I'm not really electrically inclined either beyond basic circuits and digital design.

Also, I have discovered in my reading, the traversing bed is the y axis not the x axis.

I found one of my Teac motors from a 5 1/4 floppy drive and know I have at least 2 more- Weee! Also, I remembered I have 4 micro-controllers I could have used to simplify my design- 3 TI Launchpads and a coriduimcorp microcontroller! The reason that is easier is that rather than wiring 2 gates with 6 wires each and hour's work and testing, the logic can be obtained through coding with just a few keystrokes. I was glad I did it the hard way at least once though. That'll give me something to do till China sends me my shiz.

Too bad I don't have any darlington arrays laying around(aside from on that scanner control board that is) My 10 o'clock is right near OEM Parts so I may find myself accidentally shopping for good stuff on the morrow...


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