3d Printer Part 8

I got the teac motor working with my circuit and I bought a grip of ttl chips to play with.


I'm going to have some extra parts I'm not using in the 3d printer so I've been considering other project I can make out of those parts. Maybe a couple persistence of vision projects featuring lasers like a raster and/or vector display or 3d scanner.

Mayhaps my faithful readers can give some suggestions of microcontroller controlled automation projects..

Killing time till my parts get here, I made another circuit with a counter and a demultiplexor(the last one, I made the demultiplexor with NAND gate & AND gates). View it here:

Someone asked this:
"is knowing which bits to print first complicated? or do you just get the printer to start at the bottom and trust your 'plans' will work out ok printed that way?"

Mostly, you just can't print anything horizontal that is hanging in the air without support because there is nothing to squirt the plastic onto. Such as a chair- it would take some planning to print a chair because no matter how you rotate it, there will always be some just hanging in the air. My solution for stuff like that will be to make things in parts like this guy's robots.
I would like to do things like this and a some other ideas.

This is my new current plan: Build this thing with crap around the house and stuff I've ordered and use it to print proper and more precise parts to upgrade it. Then I'll use these parts for some other project like a plotter or CNC thingy featuring a Dremel. I have one of those flex shafts for my Dremel so that should make it easy. I may not get away with not learning g code..


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