3d Printer Part 15

I moved the gantry back.. too freaking much! Nice. I swear sometimes I move freely between and hacker and hack. Well, I'm not moving it again so all of you can just deal with it. On top of that, for this post I ran in there to take a picture because I added an accent light and it was cool. I connected it backwards and fried the voltage inverter for the light- awesome.

I did my calculations for calibrations. I'm using this page and this calculator works nicely. Below are my printer's axis vitals.

X axis:
Motor M42SP-6TG with a 7.5º step and a 16 tooth gear driving a belt that looks like it might have 1mm pitch

M92 X20.83

Y axis:
NEMA 17 with a 1.8º step and a 20 tooth gear driving an MXL belt with a pitch of 2.03mm
M92 Y78.82

Z axis:
NEMA 17 with a 1.8º step directly driving an SAE 5/16 rod with 16 threads per inch.
M92 Z2267.72
All of these are on A4988 stepper drivers with 16 microstep capability so the calculations take this into account.

I know this is dry reading but I kind of am just documenting my shiz for later reference. Anyone using similar equipment would get similar results. These are all preliminary too and I'll have to devise a way to test the accuracy of all of this.


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