3d Printer Part 13

As one could see in this video, the bed slides on rods which ran through holes drilled in pine furring strip. It was wicked tight so I bored them out a bit which resulted in a loss of precision. I was going to make that up but devising some adjustment dealie. When I saw(and heard) how it chatters I knew I needed a harder point of contact to lessen the friction. Even a hard wood would have improved the ride of the thing. I bought some nuts which fit on the rods nicely and slid freely. I fashioned a magnificent bracket which holds said nuts in a precise manner:

Sadly any weight caused those hard nuts to bite my rods. That's right- my nuts bit my rod. I rolled a small piece of sand paper to round off the the inner threads of deez nutz and BAM! It didn't work. Still binding.

Out in the garage I found some brass or bronze nuts which although they didn't fit as snug, they like sliding on cold rolled steel more than steel nuts. Gaze upon the nuts:

Naturally brass or even hard plastic sleeves would work better but, hey, I have a set of linear bearings on the way($13.50 on ebay) and the plan I'm on will yield me two printers. One will be the one I'm hacking together from crap and the second one will be built with parts printed on the first one and with better hardware.

Anywho! See all 3 axis' working correctly here:

Currently the bed is a cd rom case which amplifies the motor noise in an obnoxious cacophony. I want to use the mirror you see at the beginning as build bed cause thad be coo! However! It's honking heavy.

Expressive mascot:

I suffered an ocular migraine between the fourth and fifth sentence of the post and had to lie down like one dead for about 40 minutes. I listened to George Noory on youtube and laid there in the dark. All is well now tho a bit loopy like always after one of those things.


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