3d Printer Part 14

Tonite, I modified a few reset buttons(dpst) from old computers from normally open to normally closed. Those switches work nicely because they come with the Dupont plugs that fit my RAMPS shield.

They are going to be used as end stops(currently I'm just using jumpers) The end stops are needed to establish an origin in the Cartesian geometry the printer uses to to determine where to put plastic. It won't be to long before I can start calibrating and then I can run the slicer program.

Before I do that, I'm going to move the gantry back a couple inches because in my lack of planning(true intp), the build bed doesn't get enough travel under where the j head is going to traverse.

I get the slicer dealie running, that'll be a cool video! Imma have to find some nice funky music for it.

I know I didn't mention I was going to do this but hopefully I can put together the protection circuit for my sound-card oscilloscope this weekend. I've wanted an oscilloscope since I was a teenager. It will cost me $6! Weeee!

Also, the heated bed I ordered doesn't fit my printer so it will go on the next one and I need to make one that will fit this build or widen it- bleh.

A need for wire control:

Fortuitously, the gantry is only held there by 2 screws so all I need do is drill the two new holes for the guide rods and put those aforementioned screws back in at the new position. Of course drilling the new holes is tricky because I have to use the top board there as a template and do the drilling on the drill press so it's nice and vertical.


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